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Accommodations at Louisiana Tech

October 22, 2020
Accommodations at Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech University offers amazing accommodations to international students like housing, meal plans, internet, printing, and more in order to ensure students have a positive and successful experience on campus. Sarah Ilgenfritz, the director of student activities at the International Student Office, sat down with us to discuss the benefits, opportunities, and advantages regarding accommodations.

When it comes to housing, international students have the ability to live on or off campus. To live on campus students go through an application on the housing portal listed on Louisiana Tech’s website where they will then pick a dorm, roommates, and other living arrangements. The earlier you sign up for housing through the portal, the more options you will have. At Louisiana Tech, students may have a private room or share a room with a roommate. They also have the option to live in a traditional dorm or an apartment style housing. The pricing of on campus living heavily depends on which of these options you choose from. Sarah said that living in on campus housing, “provides a really convenient way to have everything you need.” She also added that international students are given the opportunity to meet new people and “be close to the community.” While living on campus is convenient, living off-campus is an affordable option that is also available. If you choose to live off campus, all you have to do is and email Sarah at She will aid you in finding off-campus living options as well as the process to become approved for living outside of campus.  

Outside of housing accommodations, Louisiana Tech aids international students in all things printing, internet, meal plans, and more. Sarah ensures that, “our housing office and the international office will work with a student to make sure their needs are met.” If international students choose to live on campus, they will sign up for a meal plan through the housing portal when they choose their living arrangements. A meal plan includes a number of meals through the cafeteria, as well as an optional declining balance which can be used at the various food options on campus. If an international student finds that the food options aren’t sufficient to a specific diet or need, they are offered a waiver. This waiver allows international students not to have to buy a meal plan. Instead they can eat food provided off campus. If students live on or off campus, they have access to printers, computer labs, and internet access that is all included in their student fees. Louisiana Tech wants to ensure that every international student has all of the things they need to succeed at this university. If you have any questions regarding housing, internet, printing, meal plans, or other accommodations please email Sarah Ilgenfritz at

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